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Our Story

CEO and Founder Natalie Holzaepfel first thought of the idea behind Aliro Immigration while being exposed to the volume of individuals who needed access to quality immigration services. She knew there had to be a better way–a more accurate, transparent, and affordable way–to serve immigrants’ legal needs. That’s why she created Aliro. With Aliro, immigrants can now access a precise and easy-to-use online service to generate the applications they need to live and work in the United States.

Our Mission

Aliro’s mission is and always will be to simplify the complicated and outdated immigration process. Every year, millions of people struggle through the process of applying for United States citizenship, legal permanent residency, temporary protected status, travel documents, adjustment of status, and Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. And millions more go without applying because they simply do not have access to the services they need to do so. Aliro is here to change that. With an innovative online platform, Aliro makes it easier than ever to access necessary immigration services.

How Aliro Works

Aliro uses an online process, guided by your answers, to help you accurately prepare your immigration applications. First, Aliro provides a free online tool for you to determine whether you are eligible to apply for a certain type of immigration status or change. Next, you answer simple questions to prepare your application through your own personal account. At the same time, Aliro’s online service checks for the most mistakes so that your application is complete and accurate. Lastly, Aliro’s platform delivers your application to your email or to your physical mailing address so that you can file with peace of mind.

Our Team


Natalie Holzaepfel
Founder and CEO

Natalie is an attorney with a background working for two federal judges and one of the top ten international law firms in the country. She has a passion for innovation in legal services and social entrepreneurship.

Adam Wiggins

Co-Founder and COO

Adam is a savvy, innovative tech guru and marketer with a passion for promoting and growing businesses. He specializes in providing insight on technology platforms, as well as developing and executing international marketing strategies resulting in exponential gains in revenue and brand recognition.

Michelle Maile

Co-Founder and CXO

Michelle is a user experience designer and former experimental scientist. By combining a scientific mindset with a creative sensibility, she designs research-driven, user-focused solutions that help our users navigate complex legal processes with ease.

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